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The story of a prince with a face to die for. #humor #parody #stickman #stickfigure #funny #Princess #Prince #Fairy Tale #quest #action #adventure #Disney #Grimm #lmao #VeggieLove

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Charming Holiday giveaway.

November 28th, 2017, 4:30 am

To celebrate this Christmas season, I'm going to be giving away a copy of my very own published graphic novel!
How to enter.
1. Draw fanart for charming.
2. Send it to me. Either PM it to me, or send an email to
3. That's it.
4. submit before January 1st!

(if things work out) a signed paperback copy first edition of The Wizards Gate, by Joe Barber.
(if things don't work out) The Wizards Gate, by Joe Barber first edition in digital format.
I'll contact the winner and work it out with them when it happens.

Once I finish my current chapter the contest is going to take place by random elimination until we have a winner. So if you see your picture get posted, you're out!
since we have a pretty small fan base I'll say you can send in up to 2 fanarts. If you've already drawn me a fanart that you would like to use, please notify me.
Unless explicitly asked not to, I am going to link your profile in the author's comment. Even if you don't win, you can use this as an opportunity to attract some would-be fans!
Good Luck!

You can read a preview for The Wizards Gate on
(you can also, buy it there if you want to. I hear it is pretty good....)

Who knows, I might be able to integrate this into the story. XD

brace youselves, part 2 is coming.

September 6th, 2017, 6:22 am

Hello my teeny tiny fanbase, part 2 of charming is coming, I said I'd return. I got a lot of motivation to keep this comic going, but it still isn't top priority right now. One day it will be and you will get constant updates instead of a ton of random gaps. But that is not this day! To get you hyped for part two's release I have released a few pages. Feel free to comment on my comic and invite any other authors, readers, friends and family members to read it that you think might like it. This part will start updating by the end of the month. So stay tuned for more Charming fun.

it will stop... Then they shall return!

January 25th, 2017, 4:31 am

Well, the problem with working on so many projects (as well as being a full-time teenage concurrent enrollment student) at the same time is that there is absolutely no way I can keep up with my unrealistic yet awesome update schedule. Sooooooo, here is the deal: I am definitely going to return to this comic in the future because I think it is super funny and has infinite potential. But I am working on getting one of my books published as well and also a side project with a friend of mine. This is priority number 3 on the list right now, so it shouldn't be too long. And if you still want to read a comic book I wrote, head on over and give "The Shadow Planet" a read. It updates every single day because I already wrote the whole thing, so no worries there. Sorry for putting this one on hold after this chapter ends, but it will be back!
:D meanwhile enjoy these last few updates I have for you.

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